Lysistrata, Wisconsin-style

In case you haven't heard, the Wisconsin state legislature just passed a law forbidding the University of Wisconsin system from prescribing, dispensing and advertising all forms of birth control and emergency contraceptives.

Read that again, because I didn't apple-v that incorrectly.

They want to make it impossible for students to get birth control or emergency contraception on campus in Wisconsin. And why?

Wisconsin State Rep. Dan LeMahieu, R-Oostburg, introduced this bill based on the belief that “dispensing birth control and emergency contraceptives leads to promiscuity.”

Tell me the one again about how Republicans are the party that respects your privacy.

Seems to me that there's only one real way to combat this sort of garbage masquerading as legislation. The women of Wisconsin have to band together, regardless of party affiliation, and cut the men off until they get rid of this law, and I say this as a generally horny male. Pull a Lysistrata on them. Tell them that until they butt out of the sex lives of college kids--some of whom are married, I might add, and who might be trying to hold off on starting a family until they're able to pay for it--nobody gets even so much as a hand job. And tell them that you're going to confiscate all their porn as well, even from the stash that they think is so well hidden that there's no possible way you could know about it.

Because make no mistake about it, ladies--this is an attack on you, and you better fight back and fight back hard.

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