I call bullshit

I'm ashamed to admit it, but whenever I see one of these top ten type lists, I have to look at it. I'd like to say it's a genetic defect or something, but in reality, it's my shallow side taking over. I look, but I always wash up afterwards and I feel dirty.

So when I saw this on the MSNBC front page, I was all over it. Top ten sexy sirens of the big screen. And the writer, Erik Lundegaard, hooked me at the start:

Sexy is balance. Cool and hot at the same time. Interest and disinterest. It’s not passive but it’s not in a hurry either. It seems to arrive at that moment in a woman’s life when she’s still hot but can no longer rely on it completely. Or maybe it arrives when a woman decides to take charge. Or maybe I just like women taking charge.
I like the way this guy thinks, I'm saying, and it doesn't hurt that Cameron Diaz's picture is at the top of the article, and that when he puts her in at #6 and references the way she dances in The Mask.

And I really like some of his more unexpected (to me) choices--Sigourney Weaver at #10, Annabella Sciorra at #8, Salma Hayek at #5, and Famke Jannsen at #2.

But I literally recoiled at his number 1 selection--Angelina Jolie. She's like Pamela Anderson--lots of plastic--albeit with actual talent as an actress. But the plastic kills it for me. And the general weirdness. No thanks.

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