He'll be the next Souter, huh?

The more that comes out about this Roberts guy, the more he smells like wingnut.

WASHINGTON - As a young government attorney, John Roberts advised the White House to support congressional efforts to allow school prayer, arguing that a Supreme Court ruling striking down the practice "seems indefensible."

In a Nov. 21, 1985, memo released Monday by the National Archives, Roberts was responding to a move by Congress to permit "group silent prayer or reflection in public schools." He said in the memo that he would not object if Justice Department officials announced that President Reagan had no formal role in passing an amendment to that effect, but said he would support such a move.

The Supreme Court's conclusion that "the Constitution prohibits such a moment of silent reflection — or even silent 'prayer' — seems indefensible," Roberts wrote in a memo to White House counsel Fred Fielding.

Coincidentally, Roberts writings on affirmative action weren't released because the folder had been "misplaced," according to the article. Happy circumstance?

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