Getting an early start
On the Friday random ten, because if I don't do it tonight, it won't get done at all. So, in honor of our friend Scarlett, who is graduating tomorrow and somehow managed to convince us to come see her walk, I present the Random Ten, Scarlett-style (whatever the hell that means).

1. Inspiration/Information--Shuggie Otis
2. Night Life--Willie Nelson
3. Almost Cut My Hair--Government Mule
4. Whose Muddy Shoes--Elmore James
5. Friar's Point--Susan Tedeschi
6. Uber Legitimate--Mates of State
7. Over You (Live)--The Velvet Underground
8. Cry to Me--Willie Murphy
9. Worried Man Blues--Big Smith
10. Blindfold--Morcheeba

Very bluesy this week, which isn't all that surprising, considering that a good two-thirds of the stuff on the iPod is blues, and that's a conservative estimate.

So whatcha got for me?

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