Friday Random Ten and a puppy

A few weeks back, there was a bit of discussion as to why there are so many cat bloggers, but hardly any dog bloggers, and the basic consensus was that dogs are too tough to get good pictures of. I don't have a dog, and have no plans to get one, but I have a reasonably cute, if cell-phone quality picture of my brother-in-law's baby Pit Bull, a precious little thing named Dash, who according to the vet, will one day weigh over a hundred pounds.

Meet Dash, and this week's random ten.

1. Para Donde Vas--The Iguanas
2. Pasties and a G-String at the Four O'Clock Club--Tom Waits
3. War on Drugs--Bill Hicks
4. Promising Actress--John Vanderslice
5. Portions for Foxes--Rilo Kiley
6. Shine on You Crazy Diamond--Pink Floyd
7. Soul Fixin Man--Luther Allison
8. Go Away Maggie--Big Smith
9. Nurture My Pig!--Reverend Horton Heat
10. Way Down Here Without You--Superdrag

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