False equivalency in 3, 2...

Yesterday, TV Newser posted a little piece on the love affair between Daryn Kagan and Rush Limbaugh, in which one insider noted that the two of them send instant messages to each other while CNN is at commercial.

What are they, twelve? And can you imagine what...

Sorry--threw up in my mouth a little bit there.

Well, today there's a reply in Kagan's defense.

Amid all the speculation about Daryn Kagan's future at CNN, a colleague of the morning anchor felt compelled to write in:

"Everyone at CNN loves Daryn Kagan. She's been part of CNN's family for years and there's nothing that could interfere with her impeccable reputation and the respect she's earned here."

Nothing that could interfere -- referring to her relationship to Rush Limbaugh -- the colleague called it "the most bogus claim."

Well, wonderful. If the original reports were true, and Kagan was getting crap because she's hooked up with Limbaugh (shudder), then shame on CNN.

But now comes the dreaded false equivalency:
> An anonymous tipster asks: "If Kagan was dating Al Franken, would anyone be talking about this?"

First of all, if Kagan were dating Franken, it would be an even bigger story, seeing as 1) Franken is married and 2) you'd have the built-in Clinton's penis equivalency story, and we all know that nothing gets the liberal media hot quite like the Clenis.

Besides, if Kagan were dating any liberal radio show host, you bet your ass this would get play, and not in the "I just threw up into my mouth" way like this little anecdote has gotten. This would become item number one on every right-wing nutjob's (including Limbaugh, no doubt) list of proofs that the media is liberal. We wouldn't hear the end of this shit, and right-wingers know it.

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