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I don't ask readers here to do stuff very often, but I'm asking you for this. NARAL has pulled their John Roberts ad under pressure from right-wing groups and even some supposed allies--Arlen Specter and Pat Leahy most prominently. Now they're taking shit from several prominent left wing bloggers for caving to the right-wing pressure. I have an idea that probably won't please anyone, but it will still allow the left to continue the fight against Roberts over his connection to Operation Rescue and that human turd, Randall Terry.

Contact NARAL and ask them to place the ad on their website, where it can be linked to and viewed by people all over the US. Remember the lesson of the Swift Boat ads--they only played for a very short time on a very few tv stations, and yet they had a tremendous effect because they were talked about so much. Most of the US has not had a chance to see the ad--this will give them that opportunity, assuming we can get NARAL to post it. Here's the letter I wrote them:

You've taken a lot of undeserved flak from the right over your Roberts ad, but that should have been no surprise. Now you're taking flak from your supporters over your decision to pull it. I have a suggestion--put the ad on your website where your supporters can link to it and point others in its direction.

We all know the ad is accurate, and as long as we can keep the story in the media spotlight, we can continue to make the case that Roberts supports groups who use terroristic methods against women. Let us continue to make the case you started. Post the ad here. Thanks.

I was sort of apathetic about Roberts for a while--figured he wasn't the worst Bush could do, even if he was no prize. His defense of Randall "Scumbag" Terry has changed my mind on this. Terry's a thug who ought to be in jail for the shit he's encouraged and taken part in, and yet he gets defended by a person who would be a Supreme Court Justice. I ain't going out like a punk on this one--I'm going down swinging.

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