Blogging Katrina

This storm just popped up in the last couple of days, came up almost out of nowhere, so the tension level has been pretty low. The good part--if there is ever a good part of a hurricane--is that since it just popped up, the winds aren't terribly bad even though we're taking a direct hit. The power has gone in and out a bit, but never out for long, and it's pretty calm for the moment.

A couple of hours ago, we heard a ton of sirens--this was when the wind was first really picking up and I imagine there were some auto accidents as a result. We haven't heard many lately, which tells me that either people got off the road or the cops aren't going out anymore. It's also possible that the cops are out north of us, which seems to be getting hit a little harder than we are right now.

No damage so far as I can tell. We filled the tub just in case, and since we have electricity, we haven't had to worry about spoilage. Here's hoping that everything continues and we get through this without too much drama.

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