Want an Air America station? Here's how to do it.

From diarist hbyronk over at the Daily Kos:

This could serve as a template for Progressives around the country in convincing radio broadcasters to make Air America available on their airwaves.

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Ms. Lancaster writes:

We had a lot of good advice with regard to our efforts to bring progressive talk to BR. We first found all the commercial radio stations in BR and got their Arbitron ratings. We found a Clear Channel station that was floundering and changing formats with no success. So we went to the regional VP of Clear Channel armed with marketing info about Air America and articles on the success of progressive talk radio and we asked CC what would it take for them to switch one of their stations to progressive talk. We were told - get 1000 names and contact info - we did it and put the info in an Excel data base - and CC kept their word. Don't ever let anyone tell you a few committed individuals cannot make a difference. We are now working on getting Democracy Now (independent news) aired in BR.

Don't ever let anyone tell you a few committed individuals cannot make a difference.

And, by "a few committed individuals," Ms. Lancaster means, literally, a few. Six people circulated the petition, gathering 1,500 signatures, to convince Clear Channel to place Air America on its low-rated AM country station in Baton Rouge. They understood that, no matter the political leanings of its top management, Clear Channel is business to make money. If they believe that there is an audience for Progressive talk, they will take a chance on it. They would rather do this than continue to lose money running country music on an AM station that nobody is listening to. It is just common sense.

Now, I live in south Florida, where I can choose between the Miami AAR station and the West Palm Beach AAR station, but Air America is still only on about 65 stations nationwide, so there's a lot of ground to cover. We're a far cry from the first rocky months of the network, where there was serious questions as to whether or not the network would make it, but there's still a lot to do. We have a template, so let's go get some radio stations to switch over.

On a very personal, but very happy side note, my girlfriend and I were both offered teaching positions at a local university today, and we accepted them. Hooray for gainful employment!

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