Randy Hammer understands what America is all about.

Wal-Mart doesn't. Not that that's any big surprise, mind you.

You can't buy the Pensacola News Journal at Wal-Mart anymore.

The store ordered us off their property, told us to come pick up our newspaper racks and clear out.

So we did.

Why, you ask? Was it because the Pensacola News Journal had written some lies about Wal-mart or had engaged in some questionable journalism? Nope.
Mr. Hart, (one of the local upper-level managers) however, said he and his stores couldn't tolerate a newspaper that would print the opinions of someone who was as mean and negative as Mark O'Brien. But, you know, Mark's not nearly as ornery as that left-wing rabble-rouser Molly Ivins, whose column the newspaper also publishes. At any rate, Mr. Hart said he wanted the newspaper to get its racks off his lots. But he also said that if I fired Mark, we could talk about continuing to sell the newspaper at his stores.

Now Wal-mart has every right to determine what they will and won't sell, but I have every right to tell them to jam their low prices, and that's precisely what I've done for the last two years.

Besides, Wal-mart's prices aren't really lower than everyone else's, except on a few high-profile items. I'd rather shop at Costco, where the CEO cares more about his employees than his stockholders.

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