An open suggestion for Salon

I've been a subscriber for about four years now, and I've almost never regretted it. I think you give great value for the price, and some of your columnists are daily reads for me--King Kaufman is the only sportswriter I read regularly anymore, for instance. I loved the free six month subscription to Wired you gave as a premium for a membership last year, and if I had time to actually read another magazine, I'd still be getting it.

So this may seem to be an odd suggestion, but I'll make it nonetheless.

One of your premiums is a four month subscription to the digital version of the New Republic. I sign up every time on the off chance that there will be something I'll want to read, or more accurately, won't piss me off, and I may find an article or two in every four month period that doesn't.

But if you're going to team up with another magazine, how about one that's truly progressive instead of one that's been coasting for the last couple of decades? How about the American Prospect, for instance? I love their blog, and read it every day. I get a lot of good info from their Daily Prospect short articles as well, and would like to check out the rest of the magazine. Maybe a little partnership?

It isn't so much about the premiums as it is the partnership, when it comes right down to it--The American Prospect isn't very expensive, and I'll probably sign up for it when I start drawing a paycheck again. I like you, Salon, and I'd like to see you team up with a better quality of magazine than the New Republic.

I mean, the New Republic? They endorsed Joe Lieberman for president, for Christ's sake.

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