Hooray for California

When former Secretary of State Shelley got caught up in a scandal earlier this year and had to resign, Arnold got to choose his successor. I was dreading it, based on Arnold's track record.

It looks like Arnold got one right, and you know me--I'm all about giving credit where it's due.

After possibly the most extensive testing ever on a voting system, California has rejected Diebold's flagship electronic voting machine because of printer jams and screen freezes, sending local elections officials scrambling for other means of voting.

"There was a failure rate of about 10 percent, and that's not good enough for the voters of California and not good enough for me," Secretary of State Bruce McPherson said.

If only we could get that kind of interest in fair and honest elections here in Florida. All the more reason to make sure that Nelson wins re-election in 2006 and that we elect a Democratic governor as well.

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