As to the Supreme Court

Amid all the speculation as to what will happen when Roberts comes up for confirmation--remember, this won't actually matter for a couple of months at least--all I could think today when I was folding shirts and sweating my ass off was "Gee, I'm sort of glad I'm not online today trying to wade through all the Roberts nomination crap."

Am I alone in thinking that the Democrats and the media played directly into the Bush administration's hands on this? A day of speculation as to who will be nominated, a wild goose chase, and then the frenzy to make sure everyone on the left thinks Roberts is the ultimate douchebag and everyone on the right thinks he's the savior of the damn republic. And what gets missed?


The Downing Street Minutes


Death in Iraq


Every other damn thing


Starting to see a pattern emerge? Me either.

Eyes on the prize, people. We have at least two months to try to figure out just how bad this guy is and how to lose this battle to our advantage. Because make no mistake--we will lose this battle. Bush is sufficiently weakened that he was unable to put a open wingnut up for the post, and we all know that we weren't going to get anything resembling a moderate anyway. This is Bush we're talking about here.

But what we can do during this debate--when it finally happens--is find a topic, define it, and then hammer it home on this nominee. Here's what I mean--let's take the right to privacy, which covers everything from the right to choose abortion to the right to purchase contraceptives if you're single and a whole lot more, and let's hang it around Roberts' neck during the confirmation hearings. Pummel him on that point, because the early indications are that he's not such a big fan of it, and then use that to make the point to the public that elections have consequences, and if you're worried about your privacy, you better damn well elect Democrats in 2006, because if Bush gets another shot at the Supreme Court, Roberts will look like Breyer or Ginsberg compared to the next wingnut he sends up.

Elections have consequences--that needs to be our motto. We have a couple of months to get ourselves ready to start pounding that drum.

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