Thursday the 9th, 12:54 p.m.

I’m in Van Horn Texas, just across the Central Time Zone line, so I’ve lost an hour in what was already going to be a long day. I’m sitting in the Pilot Truck Stop eating lunch, mainly because my computer told me I had an internet connection here—the airport seems to be getting a strong signal, but nothing comes up when I open a window. Oh well.

I’d always thought west Texas was flat—not so, at least, not completely so. Parts of it, especially close to the New Mexico border are, but since I got out of El Paso, I’ve been surprised by the hilliness. It’s very much like the country I’ve been coming through, only less so. The hills aren’t quite as dramatic, the rock formations, when they appear, are less impressive. For a person coming through the southernmost part of the US for the first time, I definitely recommend going east to west—your wonder will grow with every passing mile.

About twenty miles back, I was a blimp hovering over the valley I was passing through. It was bright and multi-colored, a lot like my first sofa, or the Partridge family bus, and if it had a corporate logo, I didn’t recognize it. Go figure—a blimp in the middle of Nowhere, West Texas.

I’m visiting briefly with my parents tonight—I called them yesterday and let them know I’d be passing through Boerne sometime today and would like to see them. It’ll be a short visit, since they have a meeting at the Kingdom Hall tonight, and I’m not a Witness anymore. It’s not that they’d bar me from going if I wanted, but it would send the wrong message to my parernts, that I might consider coming back, and even though we’ve been on the outs for several years now, I wouldn’t do that to them. It would be cruel, and regardless of what issues I still have with them over our lack of a relationship since I left the church, I still love them and won’t tease them with false hope. Back to the truck—I hope to post these sometime today.

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