So this is it

It's my last day of workshop--hopefully ever--but at least at Stanford. My fellowship officially ends after today's class and the end of the year party tonight (which will be pretty tame by comparison to the parties I've been attending lately--one bit of advice; Fernet is not your friend).

I'm sad that it's ending, although not sad that I won't be in workshop anymore. I've been in them almost non-stop for the last seven and a half years, and I've found that I do my best writing when I'm not in them. The workshops here have been by far the best I've ever attended, but still I'm glad they're done.

The folks I came in with have been doing well professionalls. Bruce Snider had his book come out at the same time he came into the Stegner program--it's titled The Year We Studied Women and I recommend it highly. Emily Rosko has been accepted to the PhD program at the University of Missouri--Columbia. Amaud Johnson just won the Dorset Prize from Tupelo Press and his book will be coming out next year, and Sharra Lessley is the winner of the Colgate Fellowship for next year.

And me? I get to reunite with Amy in Florida, where she's been for the last month. I pick up the U-Haul in 6 days. And maybe I can get some writing done.

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