Saturday June 11, 1:28 a.m.

Marianna, Florida, and it looks like Arlene is coming right for us. It’s only light rain for now, and I don’t expect it’ll get terribly worse. I picked Monkey up in Bay St. Louis this evening, and we spent most of the next 4+ hours talking as I drove. It’s been really good.

The room looks like it never got out of the seventies, even if you include the modern tv, microwave and hair dryer. Faded beach prints on the wall above the two beds, faded drapes over the window, the bathtub even has those no-fall strips in the bottom—they’re peeling up, of course—and the door to the bathroom has either swollen or was just never hung properly, because it doesn’t close.

We wound up in Marianna because every hotel in Chipley gave us the “we don’t have any coupon rooms left, but we’ll gladly charge you full price” excuse—at 12:45 a.m. Like you’re gonna rent that room for full price—riiiight. I suppose it makes sense to keep the room empty rather than pay for the electricity, pay the maid to clean it up, change the linen, etc, but at least be willing to bargain.

Regardless, this trip will find its end tomorrow. It’s already been a hell of a five days, and I’m exhausted, but I can say I’ve done something relatively few others can lay claim to, and I’m proud of it. Next time, I don’t want to drive a U-Haul, and I want to stop and take pictures.

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