A new corollary to Godwin's Law

Godwin's Law is a well known adage about the internet culture that basically says, the longer a thread, the more likely that Hitler or the Nazis will be invoked as a comparison. There's a tradition that says whomever invokes Hitler or the Nazis without a damn good reason loses the argument. I happen to disagree with that tradition, as there are plenty of times where the comparison is an apt one, as when Dick Durbin did it on the floor of the Senate recently.

Well, I've got my own addition to Godwin's Law, and it came to me after watching The Daily Show editors run clips of asswipe Congresspeople invoking the memories of 9/11 victims time and again for the vote on the Constitutional Amendment to prohibit flag desecration--if you claim to be passing legislation for the 9/11 victims that doesn't actually do anything to 1) legitimately improve the security of the country or 2) improve the lot of the surviving members of the victims' families, then you're automatically a douchebag.

And if you invoke their memories to slam a member of the opposition party, then you deserve to be kicked in the nads until dead. Karl Rove--I'm talking to you, motherfucker.

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