The last blog post about the move

Sorry this is so late, but my laptop, on which I have been writing these missives, has been largely without internet access for the last couple of days, so I've been saving up. The quick update is that we're in the place, vastly disordered, and attmepting to set up the wireless network again, with some difficulty. I'm hooked up directly for the moment. My net time will still be limited, since I have to finish unpacking, etc.

So here's the last one:

Monday June 13

It’s done.

Well, almost. The truck is empty and returned, and we slept in our new place for the first time last night. The fun part is really just beginning—the unpacking. There’s shit everywhere of course, and the biggest issue right now seems to be related to the fact that we ditched all of our old shoddy bookshelves in San Francisco. I’d forgotten, not that we have so many books, but that we stacked so much other crap on those shelves, and now we have no place for any of it. I’ve made some progress—the home theater (my 13 inch tv and adjoining stereo) is up and running, although I still haven’t located any of the remotes. I’ve managed to break both a jar of olives and the globe that covers the living room ceiling fan light, and my daughter broke the coffee maker carafe this morning—we replaced that immediately. In short, everything’s going about as expected.

Update: We spent the afternoon at Amy’s parents’ house visiting, and returned home to discover that the power had been cut—we hadn’t changed the lights over into our name soon enough, so tonight, we’re all camped out in one bedroom—Amy, Monkey, Eliot the Cat (and chickenshit Master of the Universe) and me under the wall unit a/c we’ve got hooked up to an extension cord running to the laundry room. We just may stay in here until the lights come on some time tomorrow. Home internet won’t be on until sometime on Friday, I think.

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