Credit where due

Senator Man-on-Dog Santorum's office has distanced him from Karl Rove's remarks about liberals. Tapped reports that

Rick Santorum's communications director, Robert Traynham, suggested that the Pennsylvanian had a different reaction. He told me: “Karl Rove speaks for himself. He doesn’t speak for the senator. On 9-11, there was no such thing as a Republican or a Democrat, and that’s what the senator believes.”

The staff of Kay Bailey Hutchinson, the Texas Senator who would lick Georgie's pus-ridden asshole to be the next Governor of Texas, had a slightly different response. No surprise--she agrees with Rove.

While this is a welcome move from Santorum, I feel I must note that it's probably due more to the fact that Pennsylvania is blue and trending bluer, and Santorum's poll numbers are currently deep in the shitter coming into his election next year than to any true fellow feeling for his companions across the aisle.

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