Update in East Waynesville

From the AP via Salon:

Chandler said before Sunday's service that he wouldn't preach about the controversy, but he called it "a great misunderstanding."

Several members who said they had been kicked out went to services Sunday, as did lawyers for the pastor and the ousted members.

"A great misunderstanding," my ass. My bet is that Chan-baby got a call from his superiors in the church about the potential loss of the church's tax exempt status and told him to do whatever it took to stop the shitstorm. This is a 450 member congregation--that's a lot of money, and a huge potential hit if the church suddenly has a tax liability because a kid preacher decides he's untouchable thanks to the power of the lord.

But the part I'm happiest to see is that a number of the members who were kicked out, went back and forced the issue, complete with lawyers. They understood that you can't let these fuckers just roll over you, or they won't stop. They're schoolyard bullies, made worse by the notion that they're allowed to get away with this kind of shit because they have God on their side. You really do have to pop a bully in the mouth if you want the bullying to stop, and these folks did it.

Will there suddenly be a transformation in the church? I doubt it. This is the stuff of which schisms are made. But a stand had to be taken, and I'm glad they took it.

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