Truth in Broadcasting

Via Kos diarist MH in PA, I see a terrific piece of legislation which will never be passed, precisely because it's a terrific piece of legislation:

On Thursday, 4/28/2005, Senators Lautenberg and Kerry introduced the Truth in Broadcasting Act.

From the press release found on both Senators' websites:

The Lautenberg-Kerry Truth in Broadcasting Act would follow the legal ruling of the GAO and establish permanent federal law that prepackaged news stories by the government must disclose the government's role with a disclaimer. The disclaimer would run continuously throughout the "news story." Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens has committed to holding a hearing and a markup on the bill in early May.

Here's what I'm betting will happen to this--the White house will want to kill it, but they can't get Senators, no matter how stupidly loyal (okay, except maybe for Santorum, Brownback and Coburn--those tools would vote for anything) to vote against this if it's solely on this issue. Therefore, they'll attach it to something--the Pedophilia Protection Act or something similarly vile in order to get people to vote against it. It'll die, and we'll be left with more of the same old shit--propaganda disguised as news.

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