They fired her?

This is another one of those "what the hell?" stories.

EAST LYNNE, Mo. - Seven of 10 classroom teachers in a tiny school district resigned after a colleague was fired for helping an 11-year-old girl who was left alone in a playground to pick up rocks as punishment.

The fourth-grader in the East Lynne School District in Cass County was assigned the task last September for refusing to do her schoolwork, but she was unsupervised except for a security camera. The playground was near a road but inside a fence.

The fired teacher, Christa Price, went to the principal — who is also the district superintendent — and asked him to reconsider the punishment, but he wouldn’t. So on her free period, Price helped the girl pick up rocks. Other teachers watched the girl the next day.

At contract time in March, Superintendent Dan Doerhoff recommended firing Price, a popular teacher who had had good performance evaluations, for insubordination. Seven other teachers then chose not to return their contracts.

Huh? There's nothing about this principal's decision that makes the slightest bit of sense, other than the possibility that he didn't like having his authority challenged and decided to take it out on a teacher who stuck up for a student. I'd like to think that I'd have at least done the same, perhaps even called the child inside and taken the heat for it. Picking up rocks because she didn't do her schoolwork? That's nuts.

The fact that the principal is also the district superintendent sounds like a horrible idea as well--where are teachers and others in the community to go with disputes? And as the article points out, this guy is continuing to be a dick because he won't sign her certification renewal so she can get another job--claims it would be inconsistent and "it could put me in a pickle." I get the feeling you're already in a pickle if this gets national play--leaving a small child in an unsupervised yard near a road with only a security camera to protect her? Was anyone even watching the camera? If this child had disappeared, Doerhoff would be public idiot number one.

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