Texans hate Willie?

I read this over at Pandagon earlier, where Amanda was so kind as to post it, but I'm still boggled by it. A couple of moralizing, idiot Republican (but I repeat myself) state senators have held up the naming of a 49 mile stretch of highway around Austin after Willie Nelson.

But two Republican senators, Steve Odgen of Bryan and Jeff Wentworth of San Antonio, said they didn't want Nelson's name on the road that crosses their districts, citing the musician's fondness for drinking and smoking, and active campaigning for Democratic candidates.

You know, I imagine Willie won't go after these guys publicly, but if I were going to challenge one of these dumbasses in the next election, I'd hang this around their necks as much as I could. I mean, how much of a tightass do you have to be to object to naming a stretch of highway--around Austin, no less--around one of the biggest musical influences in the last fifty years, simply because he talks about drinking and smoking and happens to be of another political persuasion?

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