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from the New York Times and then tell me again how Newsweek's story about prison abuse at Guantanamo Bay--accurate in all but a single detail about who confirmed the story--caused the recent riots in Afghanistan and other Muslim countries. If you defend this action, if you defend this administration, then you are as guilty as they are.

And on a side note, Rick Santorum--Fuck you.

For those of you who don't know why I'm particularly pissed at Rick Santorum today, here's an excerpt from his speech today on the floor of the Senate about the filibuster:

It's the equivalent of Adolf Hitler in 1942 "I'm in Paris. how dare you invade me. How dare you bomb my city? It's mine." This is no more the rule of the Senate than it was the rule of the Senate before not to filibuster.

Of all the replies I've read today, I like Steve Gilliard's the best:
In 1942, the Nazi Armies owned Europe, they were marching to Stalingrad, which would be the site of one of the bloodiest battles in history. Comparing Senate rules to this is like shitting on the WWII memorial....

How easily he compared his collegues to oh, Nazis. You mean John Kerry and Tom Harkin are gonna show up to his house with some of their war buddies and toss hin into a van? He's gonna do slave labor for Michael Moore? Clean Barbra Streisand's house? Exactly how are his Democratic collegues like the Nazis? Are they meeting at Greenbrier for the final solution of the Republican Party? Are camps being built in the Sonoran desert for Republicans and will they have their property stolen?

I, like the rest of the left side of the blogworld, await the denunciations of Santorum's comments to come forth from the likes of Assrocket and Little Green Fascists and Instahack (and their legions of minions). I'm not holding my breath.

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