On moving companies and alumni discounts

So we'm moving across the country in about a month--San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale--and it's expensive. But looking through our alumni association stuff from the University of Arkansas a few weeks ago, Amy came across an offer from National Van Lines offering a 62% discount on interstate moves. I pop over to the website, use their little calculator and discover that a move of that sort would very roughly run somewhere between $2,500 and $3,500. I figure, factor in my discount and I'm golden, right? I can't rent a truck and drive it across the country for that much.

So I jump through the hoops--play phone tag, get someone out to look at our paltry possessions and work up an estimate. I get the call on Wednesday--the move will cost right at three grand, after the discount. When I asked how that was possible, I was informed that every customer gets a minimum of a 45% discount, and most get one somewhere between 55% and 68%, so I fell right in the middle. In other words, my wonderful 62% discount is in reality at best a 17% discount, and could actually be a +6% premium price.

My girlfriend has complained to the alumni association, who told her that they've gotten other complaints and are currently working to get a deal with another company, but that'll happen too late to help me out.

So I'm going to give my contact a call on Monday and blast her--I'd be a lot more tactful if I were going to just call a customer service rep that I'd not developed a relationship of any sort with. Any suggestions on subjects to cover? I'm planning on accusing the company of misleading advertising, if not outright fraudulent business practices. And in the meantime, I've rented a U-Haul.

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