Looks like Chandler got that call

He's history. From the AP:

A Baptist preacher accused of running out nine congregants who refused to support President Bush resigned Tuesday.


Chandler's resignation came a day after a national group that lobbies for church-state separation urged the Internal Revenue Service to investigate the tax-exempt status of the East Waynesville Baptist Church.

Chandler learned the most important rule of preaching--don't ever put the church in danger of losing its tax exemption. And congratulations again to those members of the congregation who stood up to the bullying of Chandler--they stood up to the bully and the bully flinched.

Now the real story begins for that congregation. How are the people who cheered when the Democrats were tossed going to deal with the fact that they lost, and lost big? Will there be a request for forgiveness or will there be long-term recriminations? If my experience with these types of Baptists is any indication, there will be a schism in this church within the year, and a small fringe group of the most hardcore will split and form their own group. There is no one more stubborn than a self-righteous Southern Baptist.

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