Just to clarify

And this will have to be quick because I have to catch the bus to work momentarily. I don't hate Christians, I don't hate conservatives, and I don't hate conservative Christians. In fact, I have love and respect for individual members of all three groups. What worries me is that there's a movement made up of people inside those groups that, to me and others, seems to be attempting to remake this country, and indeed society in general, in their own image, and that image largely consists of their singular, closed view of Christianity. I'm not exaggerating when I write about this, and I'm not being paranoid when I worry about it. Dominionists scare the ever-loving hell out of me, and with good reason.

So when I rail about the extremists in the Republican party or on the christian right or both, that's generally who I'm talking about. On occasions when I get really pissed off at people outside that group, it's because they're aiding and abetting the Dominionists, whether wittingly or not.

And follow that link above--it's to David Neiwert's blog, and he has an amazing, albeit long piece on exactly what I'm talking about here.

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