I take good news where I can get it

And this is pretty good news, at least for those of us with any love of schadenfreude.

A CNN insider wrote in to TVNewser noting O'Reilly's ratings "hemorrhage" since October.

October: 3,166,000
November: 3,080,000
December: 2,610,000
January: 2,478,000
February: 2,391,000
March: 2,320,000
April: 2,178,000
May-to-date: 2,096,000

Sure, some of it can be attributed to the normal falloff after a hotly contested election, but a third of his viewers, and a continued free-fall? I mean, even since January, we're talking about 100k viewers a month. That's got to upset the big giant head of O'Reilly, and when the head gets upset, the falafel comes out, and you don't want none of that.

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