Got some pictures developed today

These are the first I've taken with my new camera--my trusty Nikon N2000 died a month ago and it killed me. That camera had taken some truly incredible shots for me over the last five years--made me look like a far better photographer than I think I am.

So now, I have a Nikon N75 which I've basically been using as a point-and-shoot until I get it figured out. I'm going to try some black and white on my trip across the country in a couple of weeks--got a red filter and everything--and we'll see how those come out as well.

I shoot film pretty much all the time right now--I've had digital in the past and would use it again without reservation, but I can't afford the digital SLR I want, so I'm sticking with film for now. There's just something so satisfying about the tactile sensation of holding a snapshot in your hand. But since publishing pictures online is a stone bitch without a digital camera, I settle for second best--I get the pics on a cd when I get them developed. That's what you're seeing here.

And for any weekend photogs out there, even using your basic point and shoot camera, take this one piece of advice. Get your pics developed by a camera shop, and not by Wal-Mart, Walgreens, or any other place that doesn't specialize. You'll pay more, but the color in your pictures will amaze you. I'm convinced that I'm the least important part of my picture taking success--it's the camera and the developing.

So anyway, these pictures are of a mural a block off Mission St, between 22nd and 23rd. I happened upon the mural when looking for a parking spot and didn't have my camera on me at the time, so I went back deliberately for this (and for the Popeye's Chicken on the corner--my one fast food craving to this day). The first is of the mural and the second is a detail of the remote control in the right bottom of the mural. The mural is titled "Do Androids Dream?" and it was done by the Precita Eyes Urban Youth Art Class.

Out of the mouths of babes, I believe the Book says.

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