Enough already

I swear to god, the next time someone tries to pull that "christianity is under attack in America" bullshit again, I'm gonna pop 'em right in the fucking mouth. You want to know just how much of a vise grip christianity has on the nuts of this nation? Check this story out.

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled a Virginia county can refuse to let a witch give the invocation at its meetings by limiting the privilege to clergy representing Judeo-Christian monotheism.


The 4th Circuit ruled Chesterfield County’s Board of Supervisors did not show impermissible motive in refusing to permit a pantheistic invocation by a Wiccan because its list of clergy who registered to conduct invocations covers a wide spectrum of Judeo-Christian denominations. Simpson v. Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors, No. 04-1045 (April 14). Chesterfield County is in the Richmond suburbs.

That link in the quote is to a .pdf of the decision.

So here's the "logic" of the 4th Circuit. Chesterfield County isn't discriminating against the religious beliefs of non-Judeo-Christians because their list of clergy to conduct invocations covers a wide range of Judeo-Christian denominations. Yeah--when you puzzle that one out, come and get me. I'll be in the bar.

I mean, it's as if Chesterfield County and the 4th Circuit Court has said that it's okay to discriminate against polytheistic religions, as long as you're representing people who recognize the big JC. Or Jews. But otherwise, you're like an atheist--unrepresented, and apparently, unprotected by the courts, in our society. Christians under attack? Give me the biggest fucking break.

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