More on Microsoft and gays

Here's what I don't understand about this whole thing. Why is Microsoft so worried about what the religious right thinks about their business practices? It's not like MS is in any real danger of losing massive market share because they support gay rights, or even stay non-committal on the subject. And not to be a computer snob here--after all, I couldn't figure out how to run Linux on my pc either--but we're talking about a group that includes people who believe God put dinosaur bones in the ground in order to test their faith. We're talking about people who believe that Bush is a godly man, for crying out loud--assuming they can even run a computer, are we to believe they'd figure out how to run any OS other than Windows?

So color me confused on this whole thing. The only thing I can figure is that this is some sort of payback for the Bush Justice department largely making that antitrust lawsuit go away, and if it is, then I hope it costs them dearly in public outcry.

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