I'm so glad I went to a Mac

Corporate politics has become extremely important to me--I now go out of my way to reward corporations who either support my political views or at the very least, stay out of the political arena. (I'd actually prefer the latter, but I take what I can get.) For instance, I buy books online from Powell's instead of Amazon, I ate at In-'n-Out instead of Outback a couple of nights ago, and I bought a Mac laptop when I upgraded instead of a Dell.

Well, now I'm even happier with that choice, because AMERICAblog has just discovered that Microsoft has Ralph Reed--unChristian evangelical political hack fucknut gay-hating Ralph-fucking-Reed on its payroll.

The info at the link is pretty damning--this is apparently a relationship that stretched back a ways. It pains me that I spent money on Office for Mac--I should have looked harder for an open-source word processing option. But that's it for me--no more Microsoft unless they disassociate themselves with Reed and what he stands for. I'm not saying that everyone who currently has a PC should automatically try switching over to Linux--I'd be hard-pressed to do that myself--but maybe the next time you decide to upgrade that computer, you can take a closer look at a Mac or at one of the new PC machines that runs Linux from the getgo instead of having to switch OS's on your own. Something to consider.

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