Congrats to Connecticut

They're the first state to approve civil unions for gay couples, and there's not even an activist judge to blame, although I imagine SpongeDobson or Assrocket or some other blowhards will find a way to blame it on one.

About an hour after the state Senate sent her the legislation, Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell signed into law a bill that will afford same-sex couples in Connecticut many of the rights and privileges of married couples.

“The vote we cast today will reverberate around the country and it will send a wave of hope to many people, to thousands of people across the country,” said Sen. Andrew McDonald, who is gay.

The state House passed the measure last week but amended it to define marriage under Connecticut law as between one man and one woman. The Senate approved the amended bill Wednesday 26-8. The law takes effect Oct. 1.

Okay--so it's not marriage like it ought to be, and it's got that stupid-ass "marriage is between a man and a woman" statement, but it is the first time that a state has taken this step on its own, and it's truly bi-partisan. Jodi Rell is a Republican, one of the few non-asshole ones out there by the looks of things. I imagine this is one of those cases where she saw the political landscape and decided that to be an elected Republican in Connecticut, you can't be a douchebag/homophobe.

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