Time for my rant

Joe Lieberman gets a lot of shit, and rightly so, from partisan Democrats like myself for his willingness to toady up to the Republicans in Congress and blast away at his own party on television. It's funny because Joe-mentum's voting record as a Senator actually is fairly progressive--he's not as conservative as say, Ben Nelson of Nebraska or Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, at least on paper. The difference, of course, is that Landrieu and Nelson are from conservative states and Lieberman is from Connecticut, bluer than blue--he ought to be able to take stands for the party that the others have to be wary about.

But you know who he reminds me of, without the war record or the charisma? John McCain. And the reason I say this isn't to make Lieberman look better by comparison; it's to hopefully get some of us on the left to stop lionizing McCain.

McCain, for all his rhetoric about bi-partisanship and his maverick status, is a standard conservative. He's certainly not as moderate as Lincoln Chaffee or Olympia Snowe, even though he talks a good game. And why should he be? He'll be re-elected from Arizona for as long as he wants to be--he can be the next Robert Byrd or Strom Thurmond if he wishes. Here's the big similarity, though--no matter how much smack he talks on the pundit shows, when Frist wants him to vote for a bill, McCain does it, no matter how badly it fucks even his own constituents.

In the end, McCain's just another hack, and he's certainly not worthy of the fawning adoration we on the left seem to like to bestow upon him. He's nothing more than Joe Lieberman, just on the other side.

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