She's dead. I wish this were more anti-climactic, but it seems that the parents and everyone they got into bed with in order to make this a political issue are still flogging this, and probably will for as long as they think they can get some mileage out of it.

On a personal note, I found out while I was at work today. I'd stopped at a local eatery to get a bite and saw the story on Headline News. Within five minutes, I saw Assface Bush blathering some shit he obviously doesn't believe about how it's the responsibility of the strong to protect the weak in this country. Fuck him. Fuck him in his stupid ass. He's a fucking hypocrite, and it would be poetic justice if in five years, he wound up broke and on life-support in a Texas hospital, and the doctors got to decide to yank his tube because of a law he signed while he was governor. Where was his call for the strong to protect the weak when it came to Baby Sun Hudson? Where's his talk about protecting the weak when it comes to slashing social programs left and right? Fuck him. He's not my president, and he never will be.

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