Not exactly the march on Selma

but I guess this sort of qualifies as civil disobedience.

A STUDENT is planning to carry out a crime spree by travelling across the United States and breaking weird local laws along the way.

Richard Smith, 23, will risk being arrested for falling asleep in a cheese factory in South Dakota and going whale-hunting in landlocked Utah. He intends to break about 40 strange state and town laws as he crosses America, starting from the notorious former prison island of Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay.

His 18,000-mile journey across the continent will end in Hartford, Connecticut, where it is illegal to cross the road while walking on your hands.
Of course, he's planning to write a book about this, or perhaps get a tv network interested in filming a series about it (which would likely be better that half the shit on tv right now). It sounds like it could be a reasonably interesting challenge; the one law he plans on breaking that I think he ought to reconsider is the one from Zion, Illinois that forbids giving a lit cigar to dogs, cats and other pets. That law doesn't sound so stupid to me.

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