Let us now praise Mark McGwire

It was kind of hard to miss the fact that baseball players and execs were testifying before Congress today on the steroid non-issue--hard to miss because the media was talking about almost nothing else. Social Security? Nope. The war in Iraq? Nada. Celebrity murder? Old news. Even Michael Jackson took a backseat to the farce on the Hill.

And that's exactly what it is--a farce. As I noted last December, I don't give two shits if these guys used steroids until their eyes bugged out of their heads and their cocks disappear--their bodies, their choices, and as some sports figure once noted, "if you ain't cheating, you ain't trying."

But the farce isn't the non-denial-denials, it isn't the "we didn't know" lines spouted over and over--the farce is in the hectoring, moralizing, self-righteous posturing done by the members of the committee that has nothing better to do with its time. And that goes for you fucks in the media--Jayson Stark, I'm talking to your sorry ass especially--as well. Here's why Stark pisses me off. He writes:

Legally, of course, McGwire didn't have to answer those questions. Remember that. The men who wrote the Constitution handed him that right. So in a way, all he did was exercise his fundamental right to avoid ensconcing himself in a whole mess of trouble.
McGwire did more than that, even if he did it out of self-preservation. He told the Congress to go stick it, albeit politely, that he was going to be neither forced, nor intimidated into giving up information on himself or on others. Were I in that situation, I'd be far more rude about it, even if I were clean. And surprisingly enough, Stark gives my reason for feeling that way:
And let's give him one more shred of sympathy. Nobody would want to be put in the position this committee put McGwire in Thursday -- dragged in front of Congress, TV cameras rolling, essentially declaring him guilty the moment he walked into the room unless he could figure out some way to prove himself innocent.
That's my problem with this sort of shit--thanks to blowhards in Congress and in the media (including Stark, throughout the rest of the piece), you put a person in the position of having to defend himself against charges that will ruin his reputation, whether he actually took steroids or he just doesn't want to be a stool pigeon. That's the farce here--even if McGwire is innocent, he's been gutted now, and that's not right.

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