It's all Trey and Matt's fault!

If you've been online in the last couple of days, and you've managed to dodge the ongoing Schiavo saga, then you've no doubt heard about this study that deals with the abstinence only education programs and the fact that many teens in those programs are engaging in higher risk behavior (anal sex, for instance) in a misguided attempt to preserve their virginity--although how a guy can credibly claim to still be a virgin after popping a girl in the poop chute is beyond me. In my book, if another person gets you off, you've had sex, and the virginity issue is off the table. I won't speak as to the female part of this discussion, as I am not a female and have no way of knowing what conduct could credibly be considered "sex" as regards the keeping of one's virginity.

But enough digression. I'm surprised that no one has pointed to the lyrics of the Most Offensive Song Ever" when discussing this issue. After all, it's talking about the Virgin Mary.

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