Chavez says
Don't fuck with Venezuela.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez warned Friday that his nation, the world's fifth-largest oil exporter, would cut off oil supplies to the United States if Washington tries to "hurt" his country, news reports said.

"We want to supply oil to the United States. We are not going to avoid supplying of oil unless the U.S. government gets a little bit crazy and tries to hurt us," he told reporters during a visit to India, according to Dow Jones Newswires.

Gee. I wonder why Hugo Chavez might think that the US government might like it better if he weren't in power? Might it have something to do with the State department's willingness to recognize a government that had ostensibly overthrown Chavez's government even when it hadn't really done so? Might it have something to do with Condoleeza Rice's statement made during her confirmation hearings when asked by Republican Senator Lincoln Chafee if it were possible to say something positive about the Chavez government, replied "It's pretty hard, Senator, to find something positive."

Personally, I don't know whether or not Chavez is a hero or an autocrat--I suspect the answer lies somewhere closer to hero, considering the folks he's got as enemies--but I understand this much: the poor people in Venezuela are doing considerably better than they were before Chavez, and the oil companies aren't doing as well, and that's a good sign in my view. Add in that he beat back a recall election pretty handily, an election overseen by the UN unlike our own, and that makes Chavez even more of a good guy in my book.

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