The Capture of Hussein, Part the Second

Michael Hussey, about whom I know absolutely nothing, but whose blog carries a very similar tagline about the reality based community, pinged me of all people earlier today on the Hussein capture story below. Thanks dude--I imagine your readership is bigger than mine, so I appreciate the plug, even if it were inadvertant. He says of the story:

This is starting to look like B.S. I emailed Jeremy Botter and asked him about the news story. He was a part of Saddam Hussein's capture. Here is his version of the events.

1. Rabeh was not part of my unit. I am in the Army, 1-10 Cavalry of the 4th Infantry Division. I can tell you, from my own memory at least, that no Marines were involved in Operation Red Dawn. I pulled perimeter security while the assault teams went in, and yes, Saddam was captured on this mission -- I have photographs taken through night vision goggles to prove it.

2. The mission was December 13, not December 12.

3. Yes, Saddam was found in a spider hole.

Botter states quite clearly that Hussein was found in a spider hole. There also is this.

A Marine Corps captain contacted by WorldNetDaily was unable to confirm by press time if the Marine mentioned in the story was indeed in that branch of the armed forces.

I do remember reading on the internet that the media was interested in buying Botter's photos of Saddam's capture. You can ask Botter how that went. I would imagine they were worth some serious cash.

Here's the thing--Rabeh's story and Botter's story don't contradict each other. Now I'm not saying that Rabeh is reliable here--I don't know that at all, and I'm a bit suspicious of it myself, but just because Botter doesn't know the guy and Rabeh didn't serve in his unit, that doesn't mean that both men could be telling the truth, from their own points of view and experiences. After all, if you're looking to stage a capture, you're not going to use the same unit for both instances, and you're certainly not going to tell anyone in the ranks about what's going down. You might not even tell the commander of the operation. If I were trying to set this up and make it as plausible as possible, no one but the spooks who put Hussein in that hole would know he was there, in order to make the surprise at the capture real.

Let me make this clear--I have no doubt that Botter and the other men involved in the capture of Saddam Hussein pulled him out of that spider hole and believe that he'd been hiding there for quite some time. But that belief doesn't preclude the possibility of Rabeh's story also being true.

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