Are you sure that's what you meant?

Sounds to me like the Bush administrationwants to repeal the Second Amendment:

"First things first," the official said. "Syria must get out and Lebanon must have unfettered elections, then Hezbollah must disarm. ... There is no place for an armed militia in a democratic society."
Emphasis mine.
I'm sure the rabid Second Amendment defenders/Bush fans (and the two are not always the same, I know) out there will find some way to justify this statement, and it'll probably use the terms "camel-jockey" or "towel-head." But the question really ought to be, if the Second Amendment is worth having, even defending (and I believe it is, personally) for us, then why isn't it good enough for the Lebanese?

It needs to be remembered that Hezbollah rose to prominence as a result of the Israeli occupation. It is far more of a militia than any self-styled group here in the US--they just happen to oppose most US policy in the region, which makes them "bad" in this administration's eyes. Let's be real here--if they were attacking Syrian soldiers instead of Israelis over the last 25 years, they'd be our best friends. Yes, they were responsible for the embassy bombings that killed 256 Marines during the Reagan administration, but whose interests were we serving at the time? Weren't we backing up the Israeli occupation of Lebanon?

Remember--the only real difference between a terrorist group and freedom fighters is the side they're on.

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