Today's Letter to the Editor

I've decided--buoyed by my girlfriend's incredible success in getting Letters to the Editor published--to write at least one LTE every week. I've always got something to bitch about, so I might as well try bitching at a larger audience.

Anyway, here's the one I sent to the San Francisco Chronicle just a few moments ago. I'll let you know if they decide to publish it.

Only in Washington could a budget that increases the yearly deficit by $42 billion over the next five years be called austere, especially when that figure is only derived by not adding in any costs related to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bush would like us to believe that we can cut everything but military spending, Medicare and Social Security (including taxes), and reduce the deficit. That's simply not true. Bush's suggested program cuts will reduce the deficit by 6% according to a report on NPR. A rollback of his ruinous tax cuts from the last two years would cut the deficit in half. It's time to ask ourselves what's more important--overall fiscal responsibility or lower taxes for the wealthiest among us?

I'd have liked to have gone into more detail, like how the budget cuts will wipe out extraordinarily successful programs that help intelligent but poor kids go to college for instance, or even that because the Iraq/Afghanistan money wasn't included, there won't actually be any deficit reduction, but I was limited to 200 words. Any constructive criticism is welcome.

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