Survivor: Guantanamo Bay!

When I first saw the main page headline for this article, I was immediately angry. "Reality TV to test 'Guantanamo' techniques" made me think of "Extreme Fear Factor!!!!!" something that would gloss over the actual techniques that the military has been using (and for all we know, may still be using) in the Iraq War and at Guantanamo Bay. The fact that the show is being produced by the same people who originally created "Big Brother" only adds to the aggravation.

And from what I can glean from the article, the producers are glossing over the actual torture in the sense that they're using a) declassified techniques, b) only mild physical contact and c) are using volunteers who were rigorously screened and who received intensive medical and psychological attention during and after the show. Now, if volunteer contestants in good health required "intensive medical and psychological attention" during and after the show, imagine what kind of shape the actual Guantanamo detainees are in.

On one hand, it's possible that people will watch this program (assuming it ever makes it to the States), extrapolate out what actual torture might be like, and be horrified enough to start kicking the asses of people who are responsible for it. On the other hand, (especially if US producers decide to make their own show and offer a cash prize), it could turn into a "those rag-heads are just a bunch of pussies and need to suck it up" jingoistic bloody shirt waving pukefest. I'm betting on the latter.

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