So does this make me Vanilla Ice?

In one of the dumber pieces written about blogging (and damn are there some dumb pieces out there right now), Josh Levin equates bloggers with rappers, because

For starters, both groups share a love of loose-fitting, pajama-style apparel. Still not satisfied? Bloggers and rappers are equally obsessed with social networking. Every rapper rolls with his entourage; every blogger rolls with his blog roll. Women can't win an audience in either profession without raunching it up like Lil' Kim or Wonkette.

Now, while I fully cop to the first charge--I like to be in loose fitting clothes whether blogging or working at my actual place of employment. But my blogroll is usually just my easy way of navigating around to the places where I like to visit regularly, and of the six people I've developed internet relationships on that roll, four of them are women, and none of them, to my knowledge, raunch it up like Lil' Kim or Wonkette.

Levin makes two, in my opinion, offensive assumptions about bloggers--one, that we're all male (and those who aren't have to whore themselves out to get blog attention) and two, that we're all white, as though black people lack the ability to be media critics. (p.s. I'm white and male, and have a readership of about six on a good day, which is why I figure in Levin's world, I'm Vanilla Ice, or maybe just Ice's second cousin.)
But don't get caught up in those piddling distinctions. Public Enemy's Chuck D once said that rap music was the black CNN. After busting a cap in Eason Jordan's ass, what are bloggers now if not the white CNN?
What is that supposed to mean? I take it back--there are three offensive parts to this column. The most offensive is that Levin actually gets paid to write this shit.

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