My letter to Cox

Imagine my surprise to discover that, despite the clear findings of the Kay Report, as well as voluminous news reports, that the US had found chemical and biological weapons, as well as the facilities to make thoise weapons, in Iraq. That's what you said in a recent speech to CPAC, according to a news report published on, and you wouldn't be lying to the American people, would you?

In case you haven't figured it out yet, that opening paragraph is dripping with sarcasm. So to be clear about it, here's my point: You're a liar and a fraud, plain and simple, and you're a disgrace to both the Congress and to your party. The honorable thing for you to do would be to retract your statement and tell the American people the truth about the lack of WMD in Iraq, as well as resign your position as Representative, but as you obviously have no honor or shame, I fully expect you to continue in your position.

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