It's time.

Dean's officially the man, now, and it's time for us to show that we back him. I expect that everyone who'll be giving to the DNC will be doing so from one of the big boys like Kos or Atrios, so this is more a show of solidarity than anything else, but I'm doing it anyway, and I'll be sending a few dollars on Tuesday, once I get paid.

Contribution amount:

The contribution link takes you to Act Blue, by the way. Thanks.

In case you were wondering why I like this guy so much, here's the reason. From the Salon War Room:
Dean said that Democrats can't make progress in more conservative states until they start talking to voters one-on-one. "It is going to take a lot of work, and I'm going to be asking for a lot from all of you," Dean told Democrats in his acceptance speech. "We can't run 18-state presidential campaigns and expect to win. We have a strategy for every state and territory, and it's very simple: Show up. People will vote for Democrats in Texas and Utah and West Virginia if we knock on their doors, introduce ourselves, and tell them what we believe. That's what organization allows us to do."

When Democrats start those conversations, Dean said, they'll begin the work of framing the political debate on their own terms. "We frame the issues," Dean said. "The Republicans will not tell America what the Democratic agenda is. We will do that."
It's simple, really. He gets it.

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