Favorite new blog

Or perhaps, new to me is the better way to put it. It's not Ezra Klein's new joint, nor is it Legal Fiction, where Publius plies his trade. It's not even Here's What's Left, where I spend a good bit of time in the comments section.

Nope, it's Keith Olbermann's new place, Bloggermann. I've always liked him, from his days at ESPN to his ill-fated FNC attempt, and to his current MSNBC stint (although I never get to watch him anymore, because I don't have and refuse to get cable). He was the only tv personality that I saw giving any credence to the Ohio voter fraud issue, and he's taken the recent brouhaha over SpongeDob Stickypants with his usual sarcastic tone.

But he really goes after Brit Hume in today's installment. Sorry for the length of the quote.

Hume, and others like those bastions of public conduct John Fund and Bill Bennett, have taken a bunch of 70-year old quotes out of context to make it look like Franklin Delano Roosevelt is endorsing President Bush’s plan to partially privatize Social Security....

The syntax is a little ancient but the message is pretty straightforward. For 1935, people who would only take money out of Social Security and not put any in, should have their contributions covered half by the federal government and half by the states. Later on, those contributions should be replaced by the “self-supporting annuity plans” — which Roosevelt has already defined (“Second…”) as the actual Social Security system. Buried in the formality of his third point, FDR is talking about things we would later know as IRA’s and Keoghs and 401k’s.

But look at how Hume mixed and matched the original Roosevelt quotes on February 4th (and we’re quoting this verbatim from Fox’s website) “…it turns out that FDR himself planned to include private investment accounts in the Social Security program when he proposed it. In a written statement to Congress in 1935, Roosevelt said that any Social Security plans should include, ‘Voluntary contributory annuities, by which individual initiative can increase the annual amounts received in old age,’ adding that government funding, ‘ought to ultimately be supplanted by self-supporting annuity plans.’”

Roosevelt said no such thing. The “voluntary contributory annuities” are the IRA’s and Keoghs and 401k’s. What “ought to ultimately be supplanted” was the special government contributions to Social Security on behalf of people born in the 1870’s and earlier, and the “self-supporting annuity plans” constitute Social Security itself.

It’s premeditated, historical fraud, but you will not see Hume nor Fox News backpedal from it (as Jordan did for his misdemeanor), nor apologize for it (as Jordan did), nor save their masters from its shame (as Jordan did — of course there is no shame at Fox).
He pulls no punches, which is as it should be. If Hume had a shred of decency, well, he wouldn't have made the statement in the first place, but if he had even a shred of a shred, he'd have backed off this already. How's that corporate dick taste, Brit? How much did you get for your soul?

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