Saints don't make it

I'm really having a tough time figuring out the tiebreaker system in the NFL playoffs right now. It ought to be simple enough--Saints beat the Rams earlier this year, so they ought to be the 6 seed right now, ready to get their asses handed to them next week at Lambeau Field, but thanks to some quirk in the three-way tie system, the Rams will instead be the team taking the beating on the frozen tundra.

Edit: My bad--the Rams will be playing the Seahawks next week, while the Vikings will be having their asses handed to them on the frozen tundra. It's not that I think the Packers are that great--it's the "dome team playing in the elements" factor for me. The "winner" of the Rams-Seahawks matchup will go to Philly and play in the elements.

Whatever--I can't get too worked up about this. If the Saints had closed escrow on a couple of games earlier in the season, it would never have come to this, so it's their own fault they were relying on a convoluted tie-breaker system to get into the post-season.

So here's my predictions for the playoffs, for what they're worth (which is nothing, if my track record is any indication).

NFC Championship: Green Bay v. Philly
AFC Championship: Indy v. Pittsburgh
Superbowl: Philly v. Indy
Champion: Indianapolis Colts

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