The latest sign of the Apocalypse

Not political, I swear.

How can this possibly be any good at all?

ST. LOUIS - Going against the grain in courting the young cocktail crowd, beermaker Anheuser-Busch Cos. is launching a new "brew" to go head-to-head with classic mixed drinks — traditional suds spiked with caffeine, fruit flavoring, herbal guarana and ginseng.

The world's largest brewer's nationwide rollout this week of B-to-the-E — the "B" standing for beer, the "E" for something "extra" and shown as an exponent of B — came as beermakers look to piggyback strides liquor companies have made in luring young consumers to flavored and mixed drinks.

Now, I've long known that there is nothing sacred for macrobreweries, and I will admit to being a beer snob since I work for a very well respected regional brewery, but where's the line here? And what's with that name--B to the E? I'd like to see you order that in some of the places where I used to tend bar. I believe you'd get your ass kicked for ordering that. It's like ordering a Zima with grenadine for crying out loud.

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