Kentucky Republicans

I guess the law and the courts don't matter, not when there's naked political power to be had.

Senate Republicans voted yesterday to resolve a disputed Louisville election by seating one of their own, despite impassioned warnings from Democrats that they were setting off a constitutional crisis.

In a stunning response, one Republican senator, voice quavering, declared that he was going to resign. After appeals from colleagues and meetings with the Senate president and Gov. Ernie Fletcher, Sen. Bob Leeper of Paducah said he might reconsider.

But even the vote to award the 37th District seat to Dana Seum Stephenson instead of Democrat Virginia Woodward didn't end their two-month fight. Woodward raced into Franklin Circuit Court two minutes before it closed yesterday, seeking orders to stop Stephenson from performing any duties. A hearing was set for Monday morning.

Stephenson, 32, finished first in the Nov. 2 election but was declared ineligible because she had not lived in Kentucky for the constitutionally required six years.
So here's the basics--the Republican party ran a candidate who was ineligible, according to the Kentucky state constitution, to hold the office, and when the courts noted that fact, the Senate decided that it was okay to give their court the finger and seat who they wanted to in the first place. If you're going to do that, why have an election at all?

I don't know how well the Republicans in the Kentucky Senate will take to a swarm of letters from the liberal parts of the country, but hey, I don't care. I'm writing them anyway. Sometimes, you just got to call people out when they spit on democracy.

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